Big And Tough Dogs Should Also Look Pretty

pitbull and large breeds leather dog collar

Come on now! Let’s be honest. A pitbull isn’t exactly the prettiest sight you’ve seen walking down your neighborhood street. And woe to any little creature, usually of the feline species and those human malcontents with nothing but mischief in their minds, that encounters a Pitbull Terrier without a leash around the custom fashioned pitbull and large breeds leather dog collar, with metal studs and all. And still further, woe to the owner of this fierce looking creature who is found wanting in this area.

This is the owner who has allowed his fierce dog to roam the streets gay and free. He has forgotten or ignored the fact that this dog left to its own devices could pose a threat to any innocent passersby. Never mind the fact that a dog’s bark is worse than his bite, in some places there are rules against this sort of tardiness and lack of concern. The worst that could happen is that the poor dog will be impounded and the owner will be slapped with a fine. Is that all; some dog lovers may care to add.

So be it then. More care and action needs to be taken in this regard. If you have no real love for dogs and fellow creatures in your heart, then you have no real business owning such dogs. These are the kind of dogs that need every grain of tender love and care available. You may find this surprising, but it’s true. Properly trained and properly cared for, these dogs are loyal to a fault. And they will still go to any lengths to protect you and your loved ones. But see this dog not just as a watchdog but a really great pal to have.