Caring For Your Sick Pet

For many people having a pet is like having a child.  They need us as much as we need them in life and as we grow together, the thought of them being sick, hurt or worse is something we just can’t stand.  Taking them to the Vet clinic Palm Harbor FL is a way to ensure that they have all the medications, shots and care that they need to stay or get healthy.

Knowing the signs

The first part of making sure that your pet is healthy is to know the signs.  To know the signs you will want to watch your pet on a regular basis and monitor how they do things.  If they are always up and running around and one day stop this can be a sign that something is wrong.  If they stop eating, wine or act out of character then it is a good sign that they need to be taken to the vet.

Look at their coat and eyes

The first indications that something is wrong typically will be found in the eyes, fur and mouth.  If your pet has white gums, scratches or eyes look cloudy these are indications that they may have an infection, have fleas or worse.  When you start to see this happening in your pet take them to the vet.

Don’t wait

Many pet owners will take the wait and see approach.  In some cases this may be okay if it is a reoccurring situation.  However, if this is something new don’t wait.  Take them to the vet and get checked out.

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Don’t rely on online diagnosis

Don’t go to Google and search for answers.  Google and other online resources are good for research papers, kindle books and other documents, however, don’t rely on these and take what is said is gospel. Even though the information may be accurate it still may not apply to your specific situation.