Outfitting Yourself For A Day With The Horses

Horses are magnificent creatures.  They are so gentle and soothing.  Since ancient times horses have served a wide range of purposes.  They have carried men into battle, hauled hundreds of pounds of materials for construction purposes, have even herded cattle and other livestock for ranchers.  In today’s culture many of these horses have been retired from doing these tasks.  When looking at a horse today many might have them used for riding and training.  When doing this riders will need special horse tack to ride.

The saddle

The most common piece of equipment used is a saddle.  The saddle is the seat that riders will use to mount and ride the horse.  There are several different types of saddles made from a variety of materials.  The most common material is leather.

The Bridle

The bridle is the part of the tack that goes into the horse’s mouth and around their face.  Like saddles there are several different types of bridles that you can choose from.  Each one fits different breads of horses, different age groups and even different riding styles.  Without a bridle the rider will have a difficult time controlling the horse.

Equestrian Gear

An Equestrian is the person who rides the horse.  When riding a horse shorts and a tee shirt will not do.  Many riders will have specific pants, shirts, jackets, boots, spurs and crops that they will use when riding their horse.  Each Equestrian will have their own style of gear that they feel most comfortable in and will allow them to perform the tasks, tricks and actions they do on the horse.

horse tack

Designing your gear

When suiting up to ride each rider or Equestrian will have their own specific style and tastes.  Building your gear for riding can take some time but for those who love to ride this is a labor of love.